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Fighting back!

The stupidest thing I ever did was to let a man make me feel substandard.  It’s true what they say, you know in your heart he isn’t right in some way and you just put it down to fears or thinking “he will never treat me like that”.  They get under your skin and use your weakness against you, the tears that they once could not bear to see falling from your eyes now has no effect on them.  Now they tell you that you are moody and dramatic – they should see how they behave when they are ill!  It’s simple, they get bored and that is supposed to be your problem which you are meant to fix; Allah only knows how they have the time to get bored when they should be thinking about their Akhira and impending death!  But this shows something clearly, their focus is not on their Deen, and is someone like that really right for you anyway?  Would you want someone like that teaching your son how to be a man?  One sod is enough, do you really want to hate that you gave birth to another?!  This is a blog written full of anger at how I see my sisters – good sisters being mistreated by men.  I wish I could just say “ukhti it’s going to get better” but unless they believe it this wont have any effect on them. Continue reading