Single Muslim mums aims to provide practical support and guidance for OUR Muslim sisters and raise awareness of their constant struggles… because a strong Ummah needs strong mothers.


  • To build up a team of dedicated individuals
  • To make the organization an official charity
  • To develop a website
  • To add in a donate page on the website
  • To develop a support network online (Facebook and forums on website) and via meet ups/coffee mornings/events/talks
  • To develop a business plan
  • Online counselors/aalim/psychotherapist
  • find more volunteers
  • To promote awareness via: talks, asking imams/sheikhs to discuss the issue with brothers, media appearances, articles written, flyers to be handed out in libraries; GP’s; children’s centers; Netmums; Gingerbread organization; Carol Thomas; fundraising, social media and word of mouth.


  • To set up help centers where sisters can come in for advice, funds and attend free workshops aimed at integrating back into society via learning a ‘trade’ to boost skills and become independent.
  • To develop a phone line counseling service/help line where sisters can find out what governemntal help/benefits they are entitled to.
  • To establish an emergency shelter or to be able to refer elsewhere (need to work with other charities then)
  • Training up volunteers as counselors with basic skills
  • A system where sisters go out and help women in need with tasks like cleaning, shopping, cooking (food rotas) and befriending, babysitting (emergency creches?)
  • Community projects e.g. cleaning up the environment, spreading the word
  • Zakaat/sadqa service (possibly ask the national zakaat service or other organizations for help) (possible short term emergency grants)
  • To set up an informal ‘buddy’ service for boys to have an older boy/young man role model (do activities with) in a masjid supervised by brothers at the masjid.
  • Free Islamic talks/ learning Qur’an at various venues – maybe at someone’s house from professional teachers with ijazaa and also links to parenting courses (if not our own)
  • Free online psychotherapy counseling/advice on children and parenting problems
  • Flats bought by masjids used as  temporary housing for homeless single mums?
  • To write a ‘guide book’ on coping with being a single mum and advice.

If you able to dedicate any time  to helping in any of these areas or if you would like to join the team please let me know by filling in the form below.  Jazakhallah khairan for your time and may Allah swt reward your efforts in wanting to carry out an act of sadqa jariya, ameen.


4 thoughts on “Organization

  1. Asalamu’alaikum sister hope your in good health Insha’Allah.
    I am too a single muslim mum of two beautiful children
    I read your story and it just reminded me of my life. I have such a,big family but I’m all alone with my children… I have no support.. I’m trying so hard to just get on with life but I’m struggling… I am a,practising sister.I don’t have any support from family they have said I made my choice and now I have to live with the consequences… I don’t know any sisters around my erea as I’m in temporary accommodation in a,run down council estate.. My family refuse to come to the erea as they say its got a bad reputation…. So I just keep myself to myself… Sometimes I just walk around my home like a,zombie.. I don’t sleep properly or have a good diet.. I know I cant carry on like this…


    • Walaikum Salam sister, I am touched by your message. I am myself a divorcee with a baby of 7 months old. If u want to talk well I here. May Allah give you strength.


  2. Assalamualaikum sister…
    I really really love what you did ..
    But i wish we all can have a true conversation to have support each other, worldwide ..
    Mentally or even financially..
    Maybe by group on whats app so we can feel close and not lonely anymore..
    Because thats the biggest challenge, we feel like we’re alone and thats what make us feel deppresed..
    If you already have a support group , invite me please..
    I’m from indonesia…
    Hope i can hear from you or anyone here , soon ..

    This is my email :


  3. Asalam U Alykum. Sister.
    I am so touched . I have two kids and I olwz try to do some job or work but unfortunately It didn’t get well nd I got stuck back.. I live wd my husband coz I ve no other choice ..I suffer mentally and emotionally coz not even my parents support me to take up my decision of getting divorced.. I live with him like a stranger in the same room.. he loves someone one else nd I just take care of him like a good wife but it hurts me.. And I don’t know what to do and how to do.. I don’t earn nd my mom helps me a lot financially . .. can u please help me to get out of this trauma. I ve aborted 4 times coz he wishes so.. all is wot he wishes nd I can’t help my self .. hope sisters u ll suggest me how to help myself.


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