Interview with ‘Spiritual Biz Mom’ Fatima Omar it comes to providing single Muslim mothers with a role model they can relate to and connect with, the list is short. If there are any fellow single mums out there they are keeping their marital status firmly under wraps. That’s why it is refreshing to be able to hear from someone who does not shy away from mentioning her past, the impact it had on her and how she used it to better herself.

Fatima Omar Khamissa is a single mother. She is a successful single mother – not just in terms of business, but also in transformation of self and mentality. Her story is one that many women can relate to, Fatima was miserable and oppressed in an unhappy marriage  and abusive marriage. After 21 years she finally found the strength to leave, taking with her five children with her, one of whom has cerebral palsy. In her own words she describes how she used this “transformational journey as a springboard to create change” in her own life.

Fatima has a passion to help other women in need too. Her company Spiritual Biz Moms, helps to empower women on their road to success. She has been accredited via awards  for her role as a mentor and leader. She offers seminars  on work-life balance, empowerment, positive mindset, entrepreneurship, and overcoming adversity. . Fatima is also the author of several books.

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