The Travellers

Hey, how you doing, how you feeling today?
I don’t really care but it’s politer this way
Because I can’t stand to see all the pain that you’re in
So I turn my head away, and let your depression win.
And I tell myself that I’m a good caring man
But we both know the truth I just don’t give a damn
My own life, my struggles are all that I know
Just simple acknowledgement is what you wanted me to show
But this is the real world and this is our life
No time for anyone’s pain be it my son or my wife
And this is the way that the world has become
All of the good deeds so easily undone.
Now that I’m old I want people to care
But they don’t and their indifference is more than I can bear
They turn away from the pain in my eyes
They pacify themselves with atrocious lies.
No-one stops to help the other
Be it her sister, daughter, her aunt or her mother
We pass on by just ignorant travellers within
And then we wonder why in life we don’t win.


Stop and look at the world around you, you may not be able to physically help but you can make dua and spread awareness. We will all have to answer to Allah swt one day and pleading ignorance will not help us then.