aggression, delusion
sadness and fear
but no-one is here.
Anger and pain
rip me up just the same.
Worthlessness and disguise
unable to compromise.
Loneliness and uncertainty
Think I’m crazy, they do certainly.
Aspirations of annihilation
till nothing’s left – extermination;
of this world, of this pain
let this blood flow once again.
Let chaos rain with the thunder
hearts ripped out – torn asunder;
bleeding out, bloody and raw
and with it all let the misery pour.
Negativity is my sanctuary
it’s the life I know, it’s all I see.
These are the thoughts that cloud my head,
raging over in my mind till I wish I was dead.
And whilst my personality glitches giving you glimpses of the real me,
this is as close as you get – the most I will allow you to see.