No name

Do you know what it’s like to be me?
Flipping hopeless, wasted opportunities is all I see.
Life’s all a mess, no future goals
Sanity slipping away, trying to regain some control.
I got no prospects – me,
Never ending responsibilities.
Can’t manage my shit, to whom do I turn
They watched me struggle, watched me crash n burn.
Cos ain’t nobody gonna help you but you
Ain’t nobody gonna hurt the way you do
And ain’t nobody gonna rescue me now
I gotta get out of this situation somehow.
It’s me on my own and I’m keeping it real,
Words, my weapon of choice that I choose to wield.
Promoting awareness, I stand up like a soldier and fight,
Even when darkness overcomes – vanquishing the light.
I’ll do my thing and you do yours
cos in the end, all I got isĀ  MY cause.