How Your Children Can Help Solve Your Problems.

Depressed, heart-broken, mentally scared these are a few of the many symptoms of a SINGLE MUSLIM MOTHER. Your mind is pre-occupied with the past and the way it’s treated you, so you then look to the future with spite of what you fear may come. Worried about the your rent, tax, personal issues and to top it of with YOUR child. Constantly you hear them wanting this and wanting that and YOU just can’t take it; so you get angry and slowly start to avoid them. Your eyes have become WARM with tears of sadness. BUT you don’t see that really all they want is YOU, and really all YOU need is them. Huh? Yes. You heard me YOU need your children. You’re looking for a way out from all the problems and issues from the past and you direct them to the future but you don’t realise that you’ve forgotten the present. Continue reading