Sometimes you have to lose it all to understood what you had in the first place.  When I was married and had no financial problems and had everything done for me I didn’t appreciate anything; it was only after this was taken away that I gained appreciation – not for what I had but for who had given it to me: Allah.  The concept is so simple that a lot of people have trouble understanding this, we are put on this Earth to worship our creator and that is the only reason.  This of course, takes on different forms like praying and taking care of the Earth and helping others and even showing kindness to animals etc but Allah is our goal and everything on this Earth should be tools to get us there.  The problem that people have, that even I had, is that we expect our lives to be good.  Why should it be?  Where was that ever promised to us?  It’s hard to get your head round because that takes faith and not many people have true faith.  When we don’t get what we want then we blame Allah and say He is cruel; if I don’t let my kids have snacks because it will ruin their appetite does that make me cruel?  If they then tell me I’m not fair and don’t like me, I will still be their mother – that is fact, you cannot change that and I don’t need their approval to be their mother, I will still do my job as their mother.  It’s the same concept with God; He doesn’t need us or our approval, if He really is the Almighty then regardless of what we say He will still be the All Powerful, we need him. Continue reading