Easter Fitnah

Subhanallah life for a kaffir single mother is different to the life of a muslim single mother. They do anything to make sure their children fit in, we still have our Islamic boundaries to stick to and no spouse to support us. Every decision we make is alone and we have to think of the pro’s and cons. My children today had an Easter egg hunt at school, a lot of the muslim parents dont want to draw attention to themselves so they said nothing. I had to tell my little ones whilst we hurried to school why they could not participate. All they want at that age is to fit in. I told them to make this dua “Ya Allah, I love chocolate, but I love you more. Please help me to be strong in resisting to take part in this activity which imitates the kuffar”. They reluctantly agreed (i left the choice up to them), the little one buckled but i want to say Mashallah i am so proud of my beautiful princess for sticking to her decision even though it was hard!! Zaara, mama is so proud of you! THIS sisters, is the difference between the kuffar and muslims and when you are doing it alone these type of situations can be so difficult – no hubby to ask to talk to the kids and stand by your side showing the kids you are both united. To all the single mums, may Allah ease our burdens, especially if like me, you feel you have to work twice as hard as everyone just to keep going!!