What My Mother Did For Me

Growing up in the west, first generation Asian mothers may not always be given the respect they deserve.  There are notions of them not trying to fit in because they do not learn the language or because they stay at home and raise their children rather than work.  Society says they should make an effort to integrate in the hope that they can raise well rounded individuals who respect and appreciate the community they live in.  The majority think that this has to be done by obtaining degrees to educate one’s mind and working to mingle with other people; what they fail to realise is however, that this can be done in a number of ways.  Many of these women may not have successful careers obtained in part by being university graduates, but they do still bring something to the table; they bring culture that stems from a rich and deep heritage, they bring their morals and values which adds to the diversity of our society and they bring with them a relentless endurance for survival and adaptation into a new society. Continue reading