The whole time I was a single mother the only thing I looked forward to was getting married again, it was my one consuming thought; oh yes I had become wonderfully independent and could now juggle kids, cleaning, cooking, money, bills, basic DIY and de-fragmenting my laptop alone. I could even tell you all about storage heaters including the history behind them and also which was the best internet/phone/TV package combo; I was therefore, ready to re-marry. I put so much effort into it that it kind of became an occupation in it’s own right “so what is it that you actually do Ms Akhtar?” “Me? Oh I look for husbands. I search for them far and wide, I don’t discriminate over petty things like height and weight and looks; as long as he is male with a decent salary and a UK resident he is a contender!” Continue reading


THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING A SINGLE MUSLIM MOTHER (as published by Aaila magazine)

The issue of single Muslim mothers is fast becoming a prevalent one; with divorce on the rise it seems only logical that some of these statistics would also apply to Muslim households.  Why then are they not revered as they deserve to be and instead looked down upon and scorned by many communities?  Is it really seen as so contagious that girls from ‘respectable’ families should stay away from these women in case they too, catch it?  Why are these women made to feel humiliated and isolated from their community as if they chose this path for themselves?  Being left with no option but to walk is not the same as breaking up a perfectly happy marriage for selfish reasons; only Allah knows the whole truth and what is in someone’s heart so why then do people assume? Continue reading