10 Ways To Relax Before Bed

relaxationOne thing I really hate is reading about forbidden fruit. It can be anything from romantic dinners with a husband to that gorgeous sunset seen from a beach in the Bahamas to relaxing spa weekends at home. I can’t help it; I hate what I can’t relate to. I have 3 children that I man alone – the youngest being 7 months. I haven’t had a day off since she was born and that’s perfectly OK with me; I knew what I was getting myself into when I was pregnant with her. Spa days are a no no, relaxing long baths – a no no; even going for a pee alone is a no no. Why then does it seem the rest of the world gets to have some amazing ‘me’ time when all of my time is divided between ‘them’ and ‘us’? Surely I too can have some relaxation time when I get to unwind and I don’t mean by doing the dishes, ironing or packing tomorrow’s lunch! It’s why I decided to come up with my top 10 ways to relax before bed.

To start off, I have to be realistic: my kids go to bed at 8 but fight until 9 when the lights go off; it’s hard to create a serene environment when they keep running past to get water or go to the loo. At 9 I read my evening athkar and salaah and it’s 10 pm before it’s all finished – oh yeah, the baby also needs a feed around this time. If I want any chance of not being mistaken for the undead (zombie) the next day I have to be in bed before 12 when there is yet again another feed. So that means I have only one realistic hour between 10-11 to relax. How much can you squeeze into an hour really? Just 2 episodes of Eastenders or one of Holby city?! You would be surprised at how much you can do if you only turn off the bloody TV, stop whining and be determined to enjoy yourself! Here’s my top 10 list: Continue reading