All about me!

No-one hands you a book on life, motherhood or being a single parent; it’s something you learn for yourself after muddling your way through life, learning from wrong decisions made and past experiences.  I hope that this blog however, turns into my book on life for my children and anyone else who is going through what I did so they don’t feel isolated and alone.  My name is Misbah, I am a Muslim and I am a single mother. This blog and all its content has been written by me in an attempt to highlight my life and struggles as a single Muslim mother.

I have been a single mum now for 2.7 years and I have learnt more in these years than in my whole life.  Growing up, life was tough for me, I was a rebel who didn’t care about what anyone had to say about me; I lived for myself and did what I wanted.  That, in all honesty is probably where all the problems started from; you can’t go through life being reckless and destructive and expect it to not affect you mentally.  Somewhere along the line I developed a very negative attitude and was probably my own worst enemy.  Enter my ex, we married young and went through a lot of problems very quickly; he was violent and unfaithful and unsupportive in certain matters.  All of this had a further negative effect on me and for a while I had to see a therapist for depression, which never really helped me.  Then, in the autumn of 2011 we broke up, I knew he was having an affair which he denied; and my life was turned literally upside down.

I moved back to England from living abroad totally clueless as to how to do anything; I couldn’t even fill up my car with petrol.  I was depressed and on sleeping medication and barely functioning, I used to watch the clock and try to just make it to the next 5 minutes; that’s how I spent the first few months – living from one minute to the next.  My family was not very supportive except my mum, they kind of expected me to just get on with it and didn’t understand why I couldn’t snap out of it – or that’s how I felt anyway.  It became apparent quickly that I couldn’t stay at my parent’s for long, I was told that this was my life now and I didn’t have what it took to “keep” a man so I should just accept it.  Every time the children made noise I got told off, I was expected to sit with them at all times and I wasn’t even allowed to use my laptop; ‘Charlie and Lola’ (a tv show) became my best friends.

One day I became so fed up that I willed myself to take my car out further than I had before and I drove across London myself.  I know it may not seem like a big deal but to me it was because I had never had the confidence to do so; I was terrified and got lost, but I felt so empowered for it afterwards!  From then on, I actively started looking for a place and eventually I found one not too far away.  Living on my own was terrifying at first, there were loads of guys hanging around outside my house smoking drugs, and here was me a hijabi with two small kids who didn’t have the first clue about independence.  I used to sleep with a cricket bat in those days and had an escape route planned in case the worst happened; once again, only my mum really seemed worried.  The others said it was no big deal but it was; when you are a mother you fear not for yourself, but for the safety of your babies – it’s selfless.  I cried myself to sleep a lot too, in the early days; but overall I was happy to finally be living out my own worst nightmare.

Seasons changed and so did I, my irrational fears disappeared only to be replaced by new very real ones.  Stress that I hadn’t been used to before like money worries and how to cope alone especially when ill developed within me.  I shouted a lot at the kids, kept myself hidden away and became quite bitter.  The pain and humiliation of what my ex did faded away and now I was angry at everyone and everything even my poor little kids.  Once again I became quite self-destructive and it wasn’t until something bad happened that I took control of the situation and took a good hard look at myself; who had I become?  I wore a hijab and abaya and to the world I was a Muslim but in my heart I knew I wasn’t acting like one.  I wasn’t grateful for the blessings Allah had bestowed upon me, I had no faith in Him and I didn’t know why I paid Him lip service.  Slowly though, realisation dawned upon me alhamdulillah and I began to see that when I had no-one there Allah was with me.  It was Him that kept me safe, it was Him that eased the pain when I thought I couldn’t bear it any longer; and it was Him that kept me going when I thought I could no longer stand.  The terrible tragedy I endured was a marker of sorts for me, every time something bad happened I compared the pain of that to the pain of what happened; it was never as bad as that alhamdulillah and I took comfort from that.

It was around this time that I began noticing that there was nothing in place for sisters like me; born into Islam I was overlooked because people assumed my family supported me as Muslims should.  There were even groups for revert sisters but nothing for single mothers who weren’t reverts.  The Asian society mainly shunned us and when looking for a husband I found it very hard to find anyone sympathetic; if I did, I was told that his mother would need ‘convincing’ as which mother would want her son to marry a divorcee with 2 kids?  This really disheartened me, especially when I saw my son pining for a father figure and I knew the men in my life would not help.  I used to cry thinking how could I teach my son to be a man, how could I explain why his body was changing when I couldn’t empathise?  His own father was stubborn and told everyone I kept his children from him; he didn’t tell them how he tried to hit me the last time I saw him and how he brought my daughter back with a fever and didn’t tell me until the last-minute; nor how he refused to give me his address after taking my children to his place although he knew I was against it.  His family didn’t care enough to help and neither did he and once again I was left alone and depressed and barely coping.

I don’t know how things changed and how my faith increased except to say it was by the mercy of the Almighty Allah; I stopped worrying about my ex not paying maintenance and about people trying to stab me in the dark and focussed on making my children into the best Muslims I could.  I sent them to Qur’an class, taught them what little I knew and learned alongside them.  We bought educational books, learnt new duas and I taught them about kindness and humility and fairness and justice.  The children’s’ teachers were impressed by their academic performance and mashallah my children were amongst the brightest in their class; the day my son’s teacher told me he was an “asset” I was so proud of him and myself!  Soon after, I decided something had to be done, I would not stand and watch another woman suffer as I had, could not bear to hear someone had contemplated suicide because they felt alone and isolated and had no support.  I decided to make a change and promote awareness for single Muslim mums; they need love and support and are just as good as any other Muslim if not better (in me eyes) for one simple reason: they are both mum and dad.  They have no-one to share decision-making with, they take all the risk on their own head, they have to learn skills that even today many mothers do not possess like DIY skills or learning how to defragment their pc; they have to learn about which tv is the best value for money and what that funny noise the washing machine is making is, and about circuit breakers.  They have no-one to prep them for all this and have to learn on the job; they have to provide the physical security a man does and show no fear yet maintain the softness of a woman; they have to be both bad cop and good cop; they never have a day out and give up their social lives and they have to bring in the money and work twice as hard because they have to adopt both a man’s and woman’s roles.  And all this, they must do within their Islamic boundaries.

This is MY attempt to promote awareness for the struggle a single Muslim mother goes through; jazakhallah for reading.



43 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. mibs i have always loved you very much.i am very proud of you only Allaah knows. you are on the right path insha Allaah.may Allaah guide you and protect you and the kids always .love


  2. Assalamu’alaikum,

    I am a single muslim mother living in USA. It’s such a blessing from Allah swt to find this blog! The articles about Muslim moms being lonley and depressed are written so well…I thought I was reading an autobiography! The lack of resources available for muslim women who are divorced and trying to get on their own feet are non existent. There is also no support or help with coping with the issues which face a single muslim mom these days when we don’t have a unified ummah or an ameer… may Allah swt put barakah in your efforts. I was thinking about starting a resource center for recently divorced/ soon to be divorced Muslim women. Any help you can provide, would be greatly appreciated inshaALlah.

    May Allah wt reward you for all your efforts.

    Your sister in Islam


    • Walaikum salaam sister and Jazakhallah khair for your comments. As mentioned on the blog we also have a Facebook page for single Muslim mums, if you are interested in joining. Would you be interested in opening your centre under the name of single Muslim mums? We are currently trying to set up support groups internationally and i’m trying to organise publicity and raise awareness and funding for the single Muslim mums organisation. It would be great to show that the organisation is growing and gaining success. If you are interested please let me know.


  3. Assalamu’alaikum, sister
    just want to say i heard you on Asian network and thank u soo much for setting up this blog its about time. May Allah guide you on this journey and shower you with blessings.
    i really thought am alone and sometimes feel maybe ending it will get rid of all the hurt the downfall of so called life its so hard to keep on the Deen. But i just recently started practicing again although i was born in to Islam i became totally disconnected to it. it took the word “CANCER” for me to get back on to my Deen but Alhamdulliah am recovering from it now.
    After being kicked out of my family home and thats another long story which i will tell in time. i live for my little king and his my motivation to do better for myself so i can give him the best of life can offer insha’Allah



  4. props to you sista!! more power to you, your patience and power is an inspiration to all women masha’Allah. I hope your blog can one day become a book and lead you to fame insha’Allah!

    May Allah SWT grant you immense success. Ameen!


  5. mashallah very inspiring, and its extremely kind of you to not just think about yourself but other sister who are going through similar situations and very kind of you to help us get through it too.

    i myself have been divorced currently going through the iddah period which ends in september, still working part time and i have 19 month old daughter who is giving me the strength to keep going. Its very hard for me to remain positive and cope with everything because of the divorce process, unknown, contsant worry etc.

    Its very heart breakening when i think about my daughter but me personally i see it as a blessing that i am no longer with him. I tried to make it work every angle but then it come to a point where i couldnt tolerate it anymore and reached my patient limit and started crying to allah to help me and then 1 day him and my brother had a fight and out of anger he said D………….. 6 times, and after hearing it i felt releif.

    For weeks i was stressed out as i didnt have anyone in the community to turn to and then once drving to work i heard about this single muslim mum group on the radio and it put a smile on my face and i couldnt wait to go and post my comments.

    may allah swt bless you and your children ameen x


  6. Subhanallah my sister I am so proud of you. It is so awe- inspiring how your changed all that negativity in your life and channelled it into something so allahsubhanatallah help you on your mission Ameen.x


  7. Assalamu ’alaikum,

    Your story really touched me, especially the ending. You are right, it is overlooked. I can see your blog is making a real difference here. MashaAllah.

    I’m working with Sisters, primarily to help them start up their own businesses. I can see that this could directly help single Muslim mums.

    Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

    May Allah grant you ease in this world and the next. Ameen.

    JazakhaAllah Khair.


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  8. As’salaam o’akeikum my sister.

    I admire your strength, your courage, your resolve. These situations are sent to test us, and I pray that you are rewarded both in this life and the hereafter insh’Allah.

    Praise be to Allah swt, it’s clear that your children are blessed with an excellent role model; someone who the can truly look up to, and insh’Allah aspire to be.

    May Allah swt bless you with happiness, piece of mind, success – and may he forgive us for our transgressions. Ameen.

    A brother in Islam.


  9. Salaam , ive been divorced for the last 5 years now and i live with my 2 lovely daughters . Its been a tough struggle but alhamdoulillah i held on to my deen and to my prayers and Allah never gave up on me . MAsha Allah he has helped me to come a long way and I feel very strong and confident. I even have my own business. Ive always thought if only all the muslim single mums could get together and become friends and go out together or plan holidays together that would be so nice. But i never knew how to get single mums together ( a bit like meet ups for single parents if you’ve heard of it ) . I just wish we can have like an association which plans things up especially during the holidays . Please if anybody have an idea , just suggest. Im happy to have a tea party at my place to start up. i can be contacted on Looking foward to loads of responses.


  10. Assalamu alaikum sis, inshallah u r well n life is good. Alhamdulillah i was very touched by ur story, as u have said the exact same story as mine, just that i lost my unborn babies due to my ex’s violent behaviour and am blessed with a beautiful 2.9 yrs old daughter, he didnt want her either but allah knew best and i was blessed… But sister i rate u, for being so strong and confident later on, i am still going through it and have to attend psychology classes with my daughter and for myself as we both have anger problems, it got worse when we were with her dad, but its calmer than before but still need to work on it… I did try to commit suicide 3 times but Allah keeps saving me… Now i just live for my child or else i didn ‘t care about my life… It’s still raw for me but i try keeping myself happy while im with my family and friends, my mum has been my biggest support in life and yes my brother did expect me to stand up on my own two feet, i am living in my own place as a single mother, its been two yrs since i have been away from my ex. I was deeply in love with him but he was obsessed with me and didn’t want any children… But i didnt n dont have the heart to abort babies, due to my decision he beat me now n then which made me lose my 1st baby, n 2nd time my daughter was born with Allah’s will n because i was at my mums place but he did kick me in my hip at 9 months which gave me pains n i fainted. The 3rd time was the worst we had to leave london and our permanent council flat to Birmingham because his older sister said so, because his old job was available due to the wages n where i didn’t have any family only long distance relatives.

    Few months passed with arguments, on April 2011 i fell pregnant again, n this time he was furious for some reason. It was a yr after our daughter so i didn’t mind as i love children n still crave for children of my own. I was at my mums and was happy and scared at the same time, i didnt know how i was going to tell him. My sister in law told me his the father he has the fight to know. So i called and told him, he straight away said come to Birmingham we will get it aborted. I was crying on that spot and didnt want to go back, but he started calling his family n told them everything. So they can call me n tell me he doesn’t want it. I couldn’t take it as it was a personal matter n he shared it out with his long distant reletives and his family on the same day… My brother dropped me to birmingham as he didn’t know much about our problems. When my brother was about to leave i grabbed him n hugged him so tight, i couldn’t let go, my btother had a feeling something was wrong as he brought me up like his own daughter. So he said Allah knows best be happy and give me a call n i’ll be there. I didn’t want to let go of him. So he left… My ex on that day after few hours was being extra nice n then approached me n said make an appointment to go docters tommorow, i said why, he then told me what else to abort the baby. I was furious! I ignored him and kept myself busy with my daughter. He went work the next day and was busy with his sister n relatives around so he forgot. Until him, me n his nephew were playing a board game, he got angry over losing and was arguing but i knew it wasn’t the game it was the baby… So i said why are u doing this in front of your 16yr old nephew? He got up in anger and started being aggressive which let to him punching me n my back and pushed me to the floor where a big toy was, my back fell on it, and then he dragged me to the passage by my scarf around my neck and hair, n nearly pushed me down the stairs… His nephew saved me n my daughter, i will always be greatful to him for that, the nephew the hid my phone n gave it to me which allowed me to speed dial to my brother as i couldn’t type due to me shaking, my brother picked up and i couldn’t speak but just cry, he knew something happened, but at that moment my ex walked in and took the phone n hanged up n pulled my hair n started shouting, my brother kept calling he then called the house line where my ex picked up and my brother didn’t ask, i could hear shouting and swearing, he hung up, my ex came to the room me being frightened n sat next to me n said, call your brother tell him not to come please im sorry forgive me… I was numb in pain and shaking, feeling dizzy, i didnt realize i was 3months, he left the house for fresh air n wanted to take my daughter, i had to shout n cry for him to hand my child over to me… I was begging but he was refusing, somehow he gave her back n went for a walk, his nephew left me to inform his mum where it was 1road away, she came over n was in shock after seeing my condition, she started crying and begging dont leave! I didnt speak atleast not for few days. After 2hrs my brother came with his best friend who i take as another older brother n my lil brother who had to stay in the car as he had a criminal record n has a short temper with nasty thoughts going through in his head. My ex walked in while my brother packed my belongings, my brother was furious but his friend was talking and saying what will happen. Just before i left i over heard his sister say to him dont let her go u need your indefinate leave… I was shattered, thats when i decided im leaving for good. So i left without looking at him. This was at 5:20am on a weds, n i bleeding (misscarried) on fri, i was in a&e that night after coming to my mums they were shocked at home… I didnt eat or sleep which made me more weak. When i found out i miscarried i just fell to the floor, n started screaming my brother heard n came running down stairs n wanted to kill my ex, i had to give birth to my dead baby as i became 4months as the heart beat was still there but was fading away. I forgot my daughter was with me… I was taken to a womens refuge as there was not enough space at mums and then to so many different hospitals, i later recieved a call saying iv got a council flat, alhamdulillah. But since then i haven’t yet started my monthly period. N its been 1yr 5months due to this i have been running up n down to docters and hospitals until now. He was n is a disgusting man, he didnt know how he could show his face to his family so he told them that it wasn’t he child, since then iv only had hatred and hatred, and only hatred. I didnt know this is what i will get for loving someone more than myself.

    Im sorry if my comment was too long lol, but i just had to let it out after so long, i havnt been able to tell my story, and i still remember it as it happend yesterday… I get nightmares now n there, as the miscarring pain was worse than labour pains…


    • My dear sisters, reading your stories have filled me with tears.I have experienced a hard life too but when hearing your pain then i cannot begin to think what you have gone through. It is good to know that we have each other hear. It would be good to connect more so we are able to support each other better and help each other strengthen our imaan and give us the courage to move forward from the past and be the best mothers (and fathers) we can be to our children. I pray Allah SWT protects us all from harm and bestows his infinite mercy on us and brings us all closer to him inshallah ameen.


    • Dear Sabia, I am new to this blog and read everyone’s heartfelt stories, all bring tears to my eyes and I myself am going through similar heartache. I wanted to ask how things are for you now.


  11. Asalam Aleikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu Sister May Allah make it eady for you n family. Its good to share you problems with reliable sisters may this blog give you that and most important is dua to Allah ,subhanallah His there for us n this dunia will always be a test so may we be of those who pass it in flying colours.Amiin ya rab
    Allah make it easy n fruitful for all the sisters of the ummah especially singled mums.Amiin ya rab.Dua should be our sheild bithnilah.

    umm luqman


  12. Assalamu alaikum,

    Subhanallah. And I thought I was rare or alone in this.

    Sister I am astonished to see the similarities between your story and mine. At many points whilst reading this, I felt like it was my story and my blog.
    Although it is unfortunate that you also have gone through all this, there is some comfort to see that we are not Alone in this and inshallah can come out of it.

    Due to children from such negative prior experiences and individuals, it is impossible to totally cut off from all the past pain, however, we can strengthen OURSELF (as you have mashallah) to be able to deal better with what Allah has destined for us now.

    I pray that Allah swt makes things easier and easier for you, for me and for all the sisters who find themselves in this position. People cannot comprehend the pain and difficulties of basically having to be a man and a woman – a mother and a father, as well as put up with the unsupportive world/people. But Allah does and nothing like the gift of Imaan will get us through it all inshallah.

    Inna ma’al usri yusra- verily after hardship there is ease (Quran, Surah sharh).


  13. Salam Misbah, I came across your blog and was so moved because it describes everything I’m going through and feeling. I have spent hours crying, desperately looking for help. I continue to persevere with guidance from Allah swt but it’s a huge struggle and often feels like I’m going nowhere.


  14. MashAllah. This is very comforting to know that someone out there has tried to given a voice to thousands like us, scared, alone and abandoned, with defenceless little kids and no clue about where to go on from here:(


  15. Asalaamu Waleykum sister(‘s)

    I found your site via your polygyny post (good post btw) and decided to look around. I’m extremely saddened you had had such hard trials, but I’m happy you made it through.

    I’m from Canada and if any Sister’s are in such a bad situation please let us your brothers help you. I grew up learning from my mother’s teaching in a single parent home, I remember how hard it was for her and I don’t want anyone to have to suffer like that.

    I’m much to shy to look around, but I’ll send my wife a link for her to poke about with. Just to make sure everyone is clear, I intend on getting brothers together to send clothes, food, money or sending sisters to chat. I don’t intend on entering and supporting someone as a second wife, I just want to help, if my wife tells me I should then I may (likely not though-read this sisters post lol)

    Anyways may Allah swt give you Sisters the best of this life and the next and make all your trials easy



  16. Jazaak Allahu khairan for your story, you have given me hope as I am considering divorcing my husband. The marriage has been dead for years but my fears of not coping has kept me with him. Only he has started hitting me now and I do feel it will never get better.


    • AA sister. A man must never, under any circumstances, raise his hand to a woman. It is cowardly, weak, and demonstrates a complete lack of respect and humanity. Only Allah can help you make the right choice sister, please make sincere du’a and He will show the way. I pray that, whatever the outcome, it is the right outcome for you and your family in sha Allah, and that you are rewarded with success in this life and the hereafter. Do not feel alone, as Allah is watching over you always. And we’ve got your back too 🙂 As salaam o’akeykum.


  17. well done single mums. we are all in same boat. Let’s sail courageously and happily to the other end. keep your expectations low and work hard. Alhamdulillah we are free from oppressors after all. it is better to spend a meaninful life than a meaning less marriage.

    well done and bravo Misbah! prayers and goodluck to you and your kids.


  18. assalamu alaikum sisters
    im close to giving up – im married have my wife and two kids but i need/want a second
    i am specifically looking for a divorced/widowed sister with kids (or without)
    alhamdulillah i am stable fianncially
    can anyone help me
    dont shoot me straight away please


    • Walaikum salaam brother, I’m afraid this isn’t a matrimonial site and if that is something you desire then there are many good ones out there that can help. Sabr is the key brother, if you aren’t getting what you want there could be a reason why.


      • wa alaikumus salam jazakAllah sister for the prompt

        whilst most matrimonial do not cater for my kind search is their any way you can direct me /help me or which site does etc.. or inform me of how i can 


        (any guidance will be extremely appreciated – or even if you knew sisters yourself)


      • No sister I know would want to enter polygamy, they don’t trust men. I think you can try halal nikaah on Facebook. Other than that just be grateful you at least have one wife and perhaps be content with that decree? You could try asking at your local masjid.


  19. well, i am a single dad, i know its a bit weird but my son become all my life.. and i knkw exactly how difficult it is.. family dont always support you.. and the people around care less..


  20. Thank you for writing about you and your struggles. I’m sorry for what happened to you but I know you are helping 100’s sisters like myself – a single mother.


  21. Asalam o alaikum, Mashallah how brave of you, I’ve been a single mum for the past four years and a depressed one as a matter of fact,
    I am so glad that you have started this blog because it really opens doors for many women who just think that they are alone, for me
    my divorce was the not the biggest of struggles, my health was, so for all those women out there who are in a situation , but are healthy,
    know that you really can do anything, anything is achievable when you believe in yourself. Just know that you have been created with your
    own special quality, sometimes we just don’t know what it is, but it is there, we just have to do the work of finding it. My sincere duas and
    best wishes are with all those single mums, know that you are not alone and that when we ask Allah for his help that is sufficient enough,
    He makes a way which is unimaginable for us, a bit like just how we stumbled upon this blog.


  22. Asalam o alaikum ladies. Alhamdulillah I am grateful to have come across this blog. Reading every one of your stories, its hard to hear how much you’s have all went through. Insha’allah it will only get better. I am not a single mother, I am the daughter of one. My mum has raised 5 of me and my siblings pretty much on her own. Today for the first time I have seen how unhappy she is. Depressed and stressed, her happiness is through our achievements and unfortunately even we are struggling to be in a path we’re we want to be in. But I am patient as I know Allah has a plan for us all. Being a British Muslim Single Mother, how can I help my mum to seek her own happiness? I’m started to get so worried for her.


    • salaam Rb, I can totally sympathise with you. this is a public space so i don’t want to give you my personal details but on facebook group – single muslim with kids – maybe we can communicate and help each other insh’allah. sometimes its hard for mothers to let go of what’s happenend in the past but ulhimdholillah she has you, a caring daughter.


  23. I read all the comments and my heart goes out to you ladies. I cannot bear to see abuse to a woman. I’ve been married for 33 years an have left hm more thn 6 times an always hd to go bac cause I hd no fam support frm both sides. I hve 4 sons the third one just completed matric an the 4th one stil in primary school. I at last decided that I wil never go bac cause he gve me the last slap at the age of 53. I’m strong willed, independent most of the time supported my boys. I’m livin now with my one adult son with the last 2 sons. Its difficult to make ends meet cause only my adult son is working an the cost of rent an food is very high. I’m at a crossroad and feels like evrythin is at a standstill. He sold all our appliances for the 3rd time but I’m not worried about that. I need to find work an make a better life for the last two. I hve so much potential an so much to offer. I hve been a community worker most of my life an I know my purpose on ths duniya. I ask Allah evryday to open hs doors of Mercy an sustain us cause HE brought me so far. My health is also deteriorating therefor I need evry1 duah to make me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know Allah loves us an that he certainly has a better plan for me In shaa Allah Ameen


  24. sallam I can completely relate to you sisters above as I was in an abusive marriage but ulhumdholillah i have been single now for 9 years. each time i get lonely or upset i just say ulhumdholillah i am not married to that man. finanically and practically it is very hard with children especially teenage boys but life could be worse i remind myself. Allah (swt) is Merciful, His Decree is for the best for me and my children.


  25. having read the above i would just add that time is a great healer – have been single with kids for years – it does get better ulhumdhoillillah , some sisters are newly single – its like a grieving process, it will take time to feel better and life to change.


  26. Salaamu alaikum sister(s)
    I too have become a single mum just 6 months ago. Alhamdulilaah I am receiving the most amazing support from my family! However I struggle with the idea of my boys not having their father around. It is scary as he has chosen to live in a different continent. I’m afraid my children will grow up resenting me. But their father does not want me at all! And am not sure how to deal with that, so i just move on and try to make the best of our lives together. InshaAllah my fears will not stop us from succeeding in live as a family of 3.Any tips/advise from older sisters who have been doing it alone and can share their experience, I would much appreciate!
    Thank you for sharing!


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