I recently stumbled across a poetry book “For the love of God” by Omar L Rashed. Poetry books are normally not something I would spend a vast amount of time reading, but I was intrigued by the title and felt compelled to take a further look.


It was not what I was expecting – in a good way. The poems are not your typical run of the mill rhymes or sonnets as I had expected. They explore all aspects of existence: self; nature and emotions in an attempt to get closer to God and spirituality.


One of my favourite poems was “Flame & freeze”. Omar, with his powerful imagery, paints a delectable portrait of wildfire in a forest.

“Purging of all her beauty

Disfiguring her – adieu tree”

Emotive phrases refused to part with my heart. It stirred something inside as it evoked memories from my youth. This was exactly the kind of poetry we would study in high school.

“The fire was not afraid

It listened and obeyed”

The stanza reminds us that as with everything else in this universe, the fire follows the Will of our Divine Creator – of God. I liked the way Omar tied this in to the whole purpose of the poem – to revel in the superiority of God and marvel in His creation.



“Falling off the horse” was another of my favourites. It talks about how frail and vulnerable man is and how it is God who has protected him and enlightened him. It reinforces how we all, no matter what, have so much to be thankful for and how much we all take for granted.

“And the sinner whose secret You have protected

And the wrong doer whom You aided

And I am the little (creature) You made more significant

And the oppressed whom You made victorious

And I am the escapee whom You gave refuge to.”

This resonated so deeply within me that it honestly brought tears to my eyes. Only a kindred spirit who had known pain within his very soul could bring forth words like this! Words that represent thoughts that have arisen due to fears of not being worthy in the eyes of God. How true Omar’s words are – we owe everything to God! We are nothing by chance or accidentally except by the Mercy of God. This summed up my own sentiments exactly and is similar to the way I too, express myself via poetry.


I had never given thought to buying a poetry book, although it had always been a desire of mine. To own one book that moved me so much that I could dip in to it at will and it would be as if I was embracing a dear old friend was a fantasy I had. I think I may have finally found that book, based on those two poems alone.


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