Who do I speak to about the agony in my heart?
Who do I tell, that I have felt cursed from the start?
It’s just a game, attention seeking, to you all.
Pretended you didn’t watch my demise, my fall
With a look of nothing short of disgust
And then you wonder why I distrust.

You praise my beautiful words; my talent; my skill
Not realising it does nothing for me, gives me no thrill.
And how could it when I know what you all think of me?
When you all pass judgement, thinking I can’t see?
You left me to bask in my misery. I’m so utterly alone,
For in this lonely life, it’s YOU who have set the tone.

I wanted you to be proud of me. My hot tears slip down,
But when I look to the left and right there’s no-one around.
Struggling to survive; struggling to cope; struggling to breathe
Pain renders me useless, it cripples me as I sob and I heave.
I need professional help because of the cruelty of others?
Of sisters; and brothers; husbands; fathers; and mothers?

Am I really that unworthy of your patience and time?
Have I really with my pain, committed an unspeakable crime?
That you would brush me off, ignore responsibility

Have you really no concern for what will become of me?
To you your way then, and to me, mine
Just put this down, to a silly old rhyme.

But remember the angel of death waits for us all;
And what will you say, for whose help will you call?
Then on that day when He judges us all
Maybe it will be YOU who will be made to fall.


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