Podcast 1- Self Love/self awareness – SoundCloud

Please tune in to our Podcast where founder of Single Muslim Mums – Misbah Akhtar talks about overcoming hurdles and achieving self love as a single mother.


Listen to Podcast 1- Self Love/self awareness by single muslim mums #np on #SoundCloud


One thought on “Podcast 1- Self Love/self awareness – SoundCloud

  1. Assalaam Alakium sister. Mashallah thank you for being a voice for single muslim moms. Its not many moms out there willing to take the intiative to speak out. Am a divorced single mom of 3 kids myself and i feel this guilt whenever i do anything for myself. It can be either getting my hair done or buying something i really need. I will feel like a bad mother sometimes just for doing something for myself because I feel my kids always need something. I barely do anything for myself because I cant afford to. Its soooo hard being a single parent and the ummah looking at you like a walking disease or something. I am still going through the divorce through the state and going through the beginning as a single mom. My question is how can you focus on healing and regaining that self love when you barely have time for yourself and barely have anything?


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