How Your Children Can Help Solve Your Problems.

Depressed, heart-broken, mentally scared these are a few of the many symptoms of a SINGLE MUSLIM MOTHER. Your mind is pre-occupied with the past and the way it’s treated you, so you then look to the future with spite of what you fear may come. Worried about the your rent, tax, personal issues and to top it of with YOUR child. Constantly you hear them wanting this and wanting that and YOU just can’t take it; so you get angry and slowly start to avoid them. Your eyes have become WARM with tears of sadness. BUT you don’t see that really all they want is YOU, and really all YOU need is them. Huh? Yes. You heard me YOU need your children. You’re looking for a way out from all the problems and issues from the past and you direct them to the future but you don’t realise that you’ve forgotten the present.

Let me explain this, a bit more on how YOUR children can help solve your problems, the very thing which you think is making matters worse for you will soon change everything around and turn your WARM eyes to COOL. As Muslims it’s important we always go back to the Qur’an for guidance, as there is no better guidance then that which comes from Allah SWT. Lets look at the story of Asiyah RA the wife of Fir’awn. As you know Fir’awn (May Allah’s curse be upon him) was the most evil of people to walk the earth. He would enslave people, torture them and kill newborn boys every other year. I KNOW! How disgusting, where does a person get the guts to do such things? Well imagine being this persons wife, someone who kills for joy; tortures for joy; and believes that he is the KING of everything. Asiyah RA was living a life of depression where there was no escape for her, because if she did, the King (Fir’awn) would find her easily as it was his kingdom and could get her killed. So she at this moment is in total darkness and her eyes are WARM.

Side note – the Arabs would say when someone is shedding tears of sadness their eyes are WARM, but if they are shedding tears of JOY then their eyes are COOL. To illustrate, the Arabs when in the desert would have to cover their face in case of sand storms however the only think which they couldn’t was the eyes. So their eyes would suffer with pain, but as soon as they would find shelter their eyes would be relieved from the pain and would now be cool with tears of joy.

So Allah SWT uses this phrase Coolness of the Eyes in the Qur’an for Asiyah RA whose eyes right now are warm. One day when Asiyah is by the river she finds a basket in the river with a baby inside of it. This baby was non other than Musa AS. Asiyah RA picks up the baby and says to Fir’awn: “He will be the coolness of my eyes….”! This is amazing! What Allah SWT is trying to teach our Muslim mothers is that no matter how many problems or issues you have, the sight of your child is enough to get rid of all of that! And this is true, we see it happen so many times. Imagine when you’re at Tesco’s or Asda and at first your child is with you, a minute later you check and your child goes missing. At this point your eyes are warm with sadness, mothers would start jumping,  going CRAZY until….they finally land eyes on their child from a distance and everything becomes calm and she sheds tears of happiness. Why? Because her eyes have become COOL.

Wallahi Sisters, if you’re facing problems focus more on your children in order to look past them. They are the ones with permission of Allah, who will erase all your problems and bring optimism and happiness into your life. This is a gift from Allah so cherish it. Give attention to your children because if you abondon them when they most need you, they may abondon you when you need them most. You know they say “History repeats” well we know this from the Qur’an to be true. Exactly how Ibraheem AS treated his father with respect, Ismaeel AS the son of Ibraheem treated his father back with respect!

Anything good that I have said is from Allah and anything wrong I have said is from me and Shaytaan.

Br Saad Ibn Mansur

Qur’anic Childology


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