Operation Guinea Pig

Parenting is a struggle for most of us; I hate those parents who smugly boast about how perfect little Junior is (even though I saw him kick his little brother and try to push him into oncoming traffic!); and how it’s thanks to their amazing parenting skills and the fact that they have an amazingly stable family unit consisting of two parents. Parenting to me as a single mum is like playing Call Of Duty; you think you are part of a squad and go out with your team: glorious; with guns blazing; only to find out it’s a them Vs. you match where they show you no mercy and consequently you are annihilated within the first 5 minutes. My kids know how to push my buttons and they push them well. I may be the only one out there who has little evil geniuses dressed up as kids but I can’t let that stop me anymore; I’ve got to regain control! I’m sick of whingeing on Facebook and Whatsapp asking people how they successfully parent their kids and to give me advice – now is the time to stand and fight and quit acting like a man (did you like what I did there?! Women are the true fighters, come on give me an almighty roar!). It is with that goal in mind that I have decided, as I have high-spirited children, to test a variety of parenting techniques out on them. In sha Allah I’ll list a technique and where I got it from, I’ll try it out for a week and then give it a verdict out of 10. I think it’s a great way to make disciplining fun and if you’re lucky I’ll even try to take some snaps too! Lovely Jubbly!


Some great ideas can be found on my Pinterest board! If you have any parenting techniques you want me to road test then leave me a reply and I’ll do my best to comply!


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