How to help yourself.

I thought I would share some beneficial links I have found below for online parenting courses absolutely also links for self help therapy. One was recommended to me by my GP and although I never finished it I thought it was great mashallah tabarakhallah.

Mood Gym : this is a course uses cognitive behavioural therapy in an attempt to combat the negative thinking one associates with themselves. It shows you how to chance your mentality and identifies what kind of ‘thinker’ you are. I’m determined to finish this one in sha Allah!!

E couch : working in a similar way to the course above, this course is designed to help those that suffer from anxiety and depression. I think they are both by the same organisation.

Islamic parenting course : this seems to be a gem of a find mashallah tabarakhallah and one I am very interested in as there aren’t many free Islamic parenting courses around. I’ve signed up to it although I think it’s already started (but I think you can catch up), so in sha Allah I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Netmums parenting course : I started this one a few years ago and was so impressed that I went and bought the accompanying book entitled: the parenting puzzle. There is also a lovely book that goes with aforementioned book which shows how the concepts mentioned fit into the sunnah too.


Family lives : this site used to offer the Tripple P parenting course which I attended. It was free and they do it across various venues; however, I think it costs to do it online. They do offer another online course which I have enquired about to find out if it’s free.

CPE : this is an upcoming parenting course; you need to register in early June. In sha Allah it will be beneficial.

Mind-bidy-green : this last link is to an article which I thought was great and talks about  how to stop worrying about what other people think of you. Especially good for us single mums who get judged all too often by others!!


If anyone has any other good links to websites regarding helping one’s self or online parenting courses then please let me know in the comments section below.


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