The story of us

We fell in love so beautifully,
And ours was the greatest love story the world had ever seen.
But happiness lasted just one short month,
And then the demons came and it turned into a terrifying dream.

Poison fell upon our kisses, rotting our hearts with lies and greed,
A young bride wept blood red tears for her groom afflicted with madness.
Unable to undo the spell alone she fell ill
Whilst he raged on blindly in his constant badness.

She pleaded, she begged, she screamed and cried
but she could not penetrate his heart.
How terrible circumstances were now
A lifetime away from how they had been at the start.

I am the lightening and you are the thunder,
Together though we may be,
Combined we cause calamity.
And that is why our union has been torn asunder.

We were not destined to last,
And who can escape their fate?
Consumed by our illnesses we must part
Lest this epic love turns into hate.


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