My teary eyes glisten as I rise from sujood,
My heart trembles with fear as I pronounce the durood.
What if my Salah is not accepted for I am a sinner
Distracted by the allure of the dunya thinking I too, was a winner?
O’ my sisters heed my advice!
Break free from the chains, free from the vice!
It has you round the throat yet you cannot see
Don’t let it be too late, don’t end up like me!
Hijab is not an option it’s a fard upon you
Your soul He will take, your final destination rests upon you.
Who has that much arrogance to leave it to chance?
Have you forgotten He watches as you twirl and prance?
You want Allah swt to bless you yet you ignore His command,
Oh sisters if only you knew how severe is His reprimand!
It is for your safety you are told to cover
To bare all to your husband only and not to any other.
Can’t you see the ones with noor are the ones veiled from prying eyes?
Change whilst you have the chance, no man knows when he shall die!
What if you find out then, that this is what made you fall from grace?
What if your final abode becomes the hellish fiery place?
For the sake of Allah swt, to Insha’allah gain jannah – may this be an accepted good deed,
Be wise sisters not foolish, and pay my warning some heed.


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