The Gratefulness of a Single Muslim Mum

I’ll try to word this in an easy way,

My heart is calm and so at peace today.

Because I think I have finally found the cure

To all my woes which so long, I was searching for.

Everytime I wanted to run and in this world did not want to stay,

A little whisper of a voice would tell me it would be Ok.

Everytime I faced a test and thought I couldn’t make it through,

A gentle voice guided my soul and took my patience to heights anew.

I see now it was Allah swt wanting me to know

That I wasn’t done yet, my soul still had to grow.

The growing peace emanated within my heart,

I would have been spared so much pain had I let Allah swt in from the start.

The beauty of His words simply fill these eyes with tears,

Knowing He watches over me has eliminated my fears.

So many times I thought my end had come

And so many times I was emotionally undone.

But a little voice in my head would not give up,

Sometimes gentle, sometimes firm, sometimes telling me to shut up.

Now, when I hear that voice I stop and smile no matter what the pain,

Because I know it’s Allah swt’s way of saving my soul again and again.

I may not have used beautiful adjectives to you to explain my story

But that does not mean I am not in awe of Allah swt’s Glory.

I share this gift with you so that you may also revel in what is true,

So that you have belief in your darkest hours that Allah swt loves you too.


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