The struggle of THIS single Muslim mum

Struggling with my Deen
Trying to stay clean,
But these destructive thoughts wander around –
Suicidal highs, then I collapse back to the ground.
Haraam desires are a’calling
And I can’t stop myself falling
Into the trap
Until I’m back
To that place where I don’t want to be;
How desolate, how pathetic is my reality.
I guess I’m just weak
Cos no matter how much I seek
Peace, I cannot seem to find,
And now I’ve really gotten myself into a bind.


2 thoughts on “The struggle of THIS single Muslim mum

  1. Allah SWT gives each woman a unique and individual test, some have it harder than others but then their reward will be greater than others as well.

    Allah SWT is with the patient and you my dear sister are defining beautiful patience masha’Allah. Hang in there, and believe me you are an inspiration to many.


  2. I wish i was not a single, but faith has it this way, and only our Creator knows what destiny will bring with it. Duas will help, but only a single mum feels the pain. We feel weak on the inside but show a brave, strong outside, with sabr and love we survive… it would help though if those closest to us will understand what we feel.


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