No name

Do you know what it’s like to be me?
Flipping hopeless, wasted opportunities is all I see.
Life’s all a mess, no future goals
Sanity slipping away, trying to regain some control.
I got no prospects – me,
Never ending responsibilities.
Can’t manage my shit, to whom do I turn
They watched me struggle, watched me crash n burn.
Cos ain’t nobody gonna help you but you
Ain’t nobody gonna hurt the way you do
And ain’t nobody gonna rescue me now
I gotta get out of this situation somehow.
It’s me on my own and I’m keeping it real,
Words, my weapon of choice that I choose to wield.
Promoting awareness, I stand up like a soldier and fight,
Even when darkness overcomes – vanquishing the light.
I’ll do my thing and you do yours
cos in the end, all I got is  MY cause.


3 thoughts on “No name

  1. Assalamalikum Sister Misbah,

    You’re doing a wonderful job by creating a platform for single muslim mums.The needs of singles moms might be the same everywhere but for muslim moms there’s the extra challenge of keeping everything halal and that can be so daunting at times.When times get tough, it would be good for any single muslim mom to have a network of support to fall back on.

    I can only imagine how difficult things must be for you.But I also wanted to tell you how brave you are to stand up against all odds and to reach out to help other women in situations like yourselves.

    May Allah SWT make it easy on you.



  2. Hmm… Your cause I’ll try to make mine
    Even if the distance between us be a thousand miles
    It hurts to feel the pain you do
    I felt it after reading a paragraph or two
    Rest assured Allah always sees
    The struggle and sacrifice you make for your kids
    One day, all this will be over, you’ll see
    Insha Allah, in an abode under Al-Arsh and Al-kursiy
    Eternity in bliss, with the Prophet as company
    This I pray for you and your kids,insha Allah Ameen


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