They say life makes you wise; it does, but not for the reasons you may think.  You learn to recognise the signs that suggest dishonesty and lies; you see the warning cues now, but only because you have been burned so many times.  You learn to be cautious but only because you are so distrustful.  Naivety disappears to be replaced with hardness and a will to survive no matter what the cost.  Most of us, at some point, realise we aren’t as pure as we once thought we were and that our dark passenger is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce when the opportunity arises.

It is after slipping up so stupendously, that most of us build our resolve and morals develop as we vow never again to make the mistake we once made.  Our subconsciousness can be a very dark place to be; it’s where we keep violent tendencies bottled up, our evil thoughts locked away in a secret box – how many of us really though, accept this side of ourselves?


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