Zaara, more beautiful than any child I have seen,

I wonder what you see at night when you dream your dreams.

Is it ponies, rainbows, fairies or butterflies,

Or is it a black storm approaching, coming across the skies?

I feel it coming in my bones

and sometimes I feel so alone,

but then I wipe my tears from my eye,

so that you never hurt seeing your mother cry.

Life, shehzadi, is a game

so have patience and yourself never do blame.

People will try to break you, but remember it’s a test

to make Allah happy, is surely what is best.

So endure all the pain and hurt with a smile,

this is my advice to you, O’ innocent child.

I will never leave you, I won’t walk away

because after all, I am your mother at the end of the day.

And I love you so,

more than you could ever know –

sweet, beautiful child… of mine.

‘Copyright by Single Muslim Mums’



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