Ya Rabb

My words can do no justice for the One who created all,

who made the sun bow at night and made the trees stand tall.

Who made the clear, pure rivers flow

and enabled flowers from their banks to grow.

Who made the stars shine ever-bright,

who gave mankind the gift of sight.

Who made beautiful animals that graze from the giving Earth,

and who, in giving ants a sense of purpose, made us see their worth.

Who enabled mountains to hold up all the land,

who enabled an infant to hold her mother’s hand.

I ponder and am stunned by You, You leave me in awe,

maybe this is the whole reason why hearts, were created for.

I gaze out of my window with a smile upon my face,

knowing its You, who gave this gift of love in the first place.

I wrote this poem to express my love for the One who catches my fall,

my life in your hands, my Lord for Your pleasure, I would gladly give it all…

‘Copyright by Single Muslim Mums’



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