Single muslim mum

My life, they say, began when I was innocent and carefree,

now they pity and sympathise seeing what has become of me.

Where once a beautiful young girl stood,

now stands an oppressed mum hidden underneath her hijab hood;

single and alone they think, “must be running scared”.

It’s not like they got to know me though,it’s not like they even cared.

It’s true, I lost my home and husband and the life I knew,

but Allah blessed me with wisdom and maturity and with it my soul grew.

I look them in the eye – no shame upon my face,

I proudly wear my label: ‘single Muslim mum’ – NOT a disgrace!

I am no less of a woman than you, nor do I deserve less respect,

for Allah alone, has the right to judge my actions and my character to inspect.

I cried, shouted and I screamed,

telling myself it was only a bad dream

but no-one came to awaken me,

they stared ahead blindly – not willing to see.

So I turned to Allah which I should have done first,

His words eased my pain, I realised I was not cursed.

This is my test, it has been already decreed,

so when they told me I’d failed, I paid them no heed.

I put my faith in Allah and not in a man

none can change what is written, He alone, made the plan.

Allah has protected me each night

when I lay in my bed sleepless with fright;

nothing happens without His will and might,

and He alone, has taught me how to fight.

So as long as I have Allah I don’t care,

say what you want – for me, you cannot scare.

This is my life, not YOUR game

I’m a single Muslim mother, and I am NOT ashamed.


‘Copyright by Single Muslim Mums’


8 thoughts on “Single muslim mum

  1. I have been reading through your posts and you have an amazing way of expressing yourself. Your poetry is powerful and moving. I was raised by a single mother although I was not raised Muslim since I am a revert. My father walked away after 13 years of marriage and started a new family and disregarded the old one. I understand there are different restrictions on a muslimah since I am a revert but it was also a huge struggle for my mom who was alone and far from her family. The divorce left my mom so broken and scared but in many ways our home was a much better place without the heavy hand and abusive words. We were very poor but my bond with my mother is sooo strong. I can only pray my daughter and I can have that kind of relationship. I read what you wrote about worrying about your daughter. We all share that worry I think. I certainly hope my daughter can avoid unmeccessary trouble and pain. Anyway, I feel inspired by your posts and think it is an amazing effort you are making to not only lead your life but to reach out to others. People need to be doing more of this in relation to so many circumstances. I wish you well . Salaam 😀 .


  2. Masha allah, subhanallah. Truly inspiring. Sister I so needed this! Jzkl so much. May you be rewarded abundantly, if only you knew how much this has helped me. I know this is an old post but I hope you do get this message.


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