To my son

To my son, I hope you never know all I endured, to watch you grow.

May your eyes always sparkle,

may your innocence remain –

and when life gets hard

may you still be the same.

A woman is a mother, may you treat her with love,

because my son if you hurt her, you will be punished from above.

My baby has had to become a man so fast,

to make up for the absent father left in the past.

I look at you and with tears in my eyes

pray you never hurt me too, with selfishness and lies.

My son, I gave up so much so you would not go without,

as to my part in mistakes I made, I have no doubt –

but I pray one day you forgive and understand,

and that you make this mother proud to call you a man.

‘Copyright by Single Muslim Mums’.Image


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